When I first clicked the video of Donald Trumps announcement speech, I thought it was a little funny. I knew who the guy was, because in my country he had been in the paper for being bankrupt and goofy. That, plus a general business-man caricature, is everything I knew about Trump, so I watched that video with near-naivety. I have been a media-obsessed political punter ever since that day, and I have never once swayed from my belief that the ideas Trump had just presented had affected the politics market like high-grade heroin, and the consumers would relinquish their grip on their one source as easily as junkies. This may seem obvious, but for weeks and months after the announcement the media was quite intent on ascribing this spike of attention purely to the celebrity status of a billionaire TV show star. Any moment now, went the pleading, the shine will wear off and he would be laughed offstage.
What happened instead was an effortless sweeping aside of conservatives shining stars of politics: Chris Christie, the best match of personality to Trump was deftly sidestepped; Carly Fiorina, the shrewd woman who had fought in the trenches of business was shaken off; World famous neurosurgeon, American principles incarnate Ben Carson…well I don’t remember if he ran or not . But the true indicator of the power of the unstoppable Trump train was the glorious, torturous disemboweling of Presidential Scion, brother and son to two prior presidents and presumptive nominee JEB! bush. Despite some surprising betrayals by conservative figureheads, the nomination was awarded to Donald Trump ahead of time and without the anticipated contention by the bare-bottomed (cheeks thoroughly reddened) establishment section of the party.
The corrupt, deceitful or simply self interested members of politics, including the large majority of legacy media, continued to be exposed by Trumps mere presence. Except it soon enough stopped being mere lighthearted jabs between nominee contenders, because the corruption which was now being exposed was more sinister every step along the way. The media was the first weed to be pulled, followed by party chairs, party operatives, campaign heads; then came the presidential opposition, secretary of state, DNC election officials. The cesspool seemed never to stop turning up filth because next to be exposed as dirty was the president and director of the FBI.
The American people were quite capable, and apparently quite willing, to observe how body-politic snatchers had been wearing their government as a skin to enrich themselves and push their sick ideology onto the country. And surely the American’s, of all people, would revolt against pretenders in control. The nation was, after all, founded on the idea that a government could be removed by the people, by any means necessary, and the preferred means was democracy! The facts are incontravertible, and the path is easy!
Well….Perhaps I have bad judgement. In fact, I must, because despite the complete lack of moral, or spinal, fortitude amongst the political elite and the despite the lies and contempt heaped upon every demographic of America; despite every revelation, allegation and incrimination….Donald Trump does not appear to be supported by anything other than a slight majority of the population. Perhaps the american people are just too cowardly to take the whip out of their slave-masters hand, a metaphor especially apt for black people because their conditions have backslid incredibly over the last 55 years, which means it can’t be the legacy of slavery. White people are being shamed and spat upon in their own streets while their future children are being sold as slaves so as to fund the replacement of American peopled in favour of third-world race and culture. In this situation I could imagine riots, but instead there is a mealy-mouthed hum-and-har about whether to follow the righteous path or to allow scum to continue dictating the path for us. Maybe I have bad judgment, or maybe tomorrows election result tomorrow really will change the nature of the dialogue we have in the future. It is possible. It FEEEEELLZZLLololzlzzlol certain.
During that first week, when everybody was guffawing about Donald Trump announcing for president, and how he had no chance because he had already said “the most racist thing ever”, I said to my workmate ” I think you underestimate how bad the American people want a racist president.”


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